Love this refreshing water and the best customer service ever!!! You can’t beat it ♥️

Hollie S.
Refreshed x 2
I love the delivery process with Conscious Water Company! It’s so easy to order via text and the quick delivery turnaround is great!!! Thank you!
Pilar D.
Orders by texting

Exactly what I needed and wanted! Conscious Water provides the best water with excellent delivery service.

Carolyn T.
new to San Diego
Great taste, good price, excellent service. Need I say more?
James C.
happy customer
My body, skin, and energy levels have all improved! Added bonus, the team is wonderfully professional and friendly people to deal with.
Melissa B.
loyal customer
The MineralPlus is delicious and the Conscious Water team is amazing, upbeat, and always super helpful. I couldn’t be happier with the taste and service!
Frieda M.
happy customer

I love the convenience of this service!! You aren’t required to rent their coolers or stay on a schedule of deliveries. The pricing is awesome, and it’s an easy text or email when you need fresh bottles. I also love that they are a local company and very customer service focused!!

Kasey L.
grateful customer
This water is life for us! Especially me, the MineralPlus has made a WORLD of difference in my joint pain and inflammation. Not to mention, the customer service is outstanding. They make sure their clients feel valued and seen.
Salina R.
seen, heard, and happy