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San Diego Alkaline Water Delivery


  • Highest-grade and most popular option
  • Naturally mineralized for optimal hydration
  • Clean, smooth, and balanced taste
  • Contains natural earth minerals
  • FREE delivery in BPA-Free bottles

$15.95 per 5 gallons

($3.19 per gallon)


  • Premium 9.5 pH alkaline water
  • Naturally alkalized to an elevated pH
  • Contains calcium and magnesium
  • Lower mineral content
  • FREE delivery in BPA-Free bottles

$12.95 per 5 gallons

($2.59 per gallon)

1 Liter Bottles

  • 12 pack of 1 liter bottles of MineralPlus
  • MineralPlus™ mineral-infused electrolyte water
  • Convenient BPA-free bullet shaped bottles
  • Wholesale pricing available for retail accounts
  • FREE delivery to your home and office

$24 for case of 12

($2.00 per bottle)

Premium Dispensers

  • Bottom loading & self-cleaning options
  • Always priced lower than Amazon
  • Payment plans starting at $54.95 (6 mo.)
  • Free delivery with water order


Starting at $0

  • Free options available during checkout
  • No electricity or floor space required
  • Various color combinations available
  • Free delivery with water order


Summer Special

  • Over $80 in savings on first order*
  • Bottom-loading Brio model w/ warranty
  • Includes first 2 five gal MineralPlus
  • Free delivery to your home or business

$80 OFF

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    • Love this refreshing water and the best customer service ever!!! You can’t beat it ♥️

      Hollie S.
      Refreshed x 2
    • I love the delivery process with Conscious Water Company! It’s so easy to order via text and the quick delivery turnaround is great!!! Thank you!
      Pilar D.
      Orders by texting
    • Exactly what I needed and wanted! Conscious Water provides the best water with excellent delivery service.

      Carolyn T.
      new to San Diego
    • Great taste, good price, excellent service. Need I say more?
      James C.
      happy customer
    • My body, skin, and energy levels have all improved! Added bonus, the team is wonderfully professional and friendly people to deal with.
      Melissa B.
      loyal customer
    • The MineralPlus is delicious and the Conscious Water team is amazing, upbeat, and always super helpful. I couldn’t be happier with the taste and service!
      Frieda M.
      happy customer
    • I love the convenience of this service!! You aren’t required to rent their coolers or stay on a schedule of deliveries. The pricing is awesome, and it’s an easy text or email when you need fresh bottles. I also love that they are a local company and very customer service focused!!

      Kasey L.
      grateful customer