San Diego Alkaline Water Delivery


  • Highest grade alkaline water available
  • Infused with 72 naturally-derived trace minerals
  • Contains all 7 major electrolytes
  • Naturally alkalized to an elevated 9+ PH
  • FREE delivery in BPA-Free plastic bottles

$14.95 per 5 gallons

($2.99 per gallon)


  • Entry-level alkaline water
  • Contains 30ppm alkaline minerals
  • Naturally alkalized to an elevated 9+ PH
  • Bottled in in BPA-Free plastic bottles
  • FREE delivery to your home or office

$9.95 per 5 gallons

($1.99 per gallon)

1 Liter Bottles

  • 12 pack of 1 liter bottles of MineralPlus
  • MineralPlus™ mineral-infused electrolyte water
  • Reusable BPA-free bullet shaped bottles
  • Wholesale pricing available for retail accounts
  • Delivered FREE to your home and office

$22 for case of 12

($1.83 per bottle)

Better Water. Free Delivery.

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